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    Thank you for being part of the 2023 Chamber Golf Tournament! We are excited to see this tournament in action and we are very glad you will be part of the fun.

    We just wanted to share a few important details about the Tournament day.

    Golfcrest Country Club

    2509 Country Club Dr.
    Pearland, TX 77581

    Monday, October 2, 2023

    Set up time:

    The tent set up will be between 10 am and 11:30 am. We need you to have all your materials to your hole no later than 11:30 am.

    We will have volunteers with UTVs and trailers to transport you and your materials to your tent, but we have twelve tents to assist so it is best to arrive early.

    The tournament begins at 12:00 pm and should be completed by 5 pm.

    What to bring for your tent:

    Tent, Tables, Chairs, Food and/or beverage to serve, ice chest (if needed), Paper Products for your food/beverage, trash bags, tape/rope/bungee cords for any banners or signage, sun block, snacks/drinks for your tent workers as it is a long day. Promotional materials for players.

    If you are serving alcohol we request that you also include food to balance the consumption of alcohol since so many tents are also serving alcohol. It is your responsibility to avoid overserving the golfers. If you have any questions I recommend the TABC website for more information.

    Dress Code:

    Golfcrest Country Club has a dress code for all participants. Slacks or shorts (appropriate length) no jeans. Shirts must have a collar, no t-shirts. Shoes; golf or tennis shoes.

    No tents may leave early. We ask that all tents stay until the tournament ends. We will not move tent materials until ALL players have completed the Tournament. We want all players to have the same experience and for safety reasons we are not able to move anything until play is completed.

    A few final notes to help make your experience enjoyable:

    • We will have volunteers coming around throughout the day. They can assist with issues or provide rides to the nearest restroom.
    • You are welcome to stay and have lunch with us after cleaning up your booth.
    • If you have any questions during the day, please contact Cary at 832-696-9805 or Tonya Masceri 832-226-4272.

    Thank You again for your willingness to make this year's tournament a success!

  • Player Instructions

    Thank you for supporting our chamber and its mission by playing in this year’s tournament. We want you to just relax and enjoy the day outside with friends.

    Here’s the address for the course.

    Golfcrest Country Club

    2509 Country Club Dr.
    Pearland, TX 77581

    Monday, October 2, 2023


    PLAYER NAMES: Please email the names of your team members to chamber@amacc.org

    TEE TIME is at Noon, please arrive early to network, warm up at the driving range sponsored by First State Bank in Manvel, and grab a bite to eat. Registration is open at 11am, and we have a gift for you.

    There is a DRESS CODE for the course: no jeans, shirts must have collars, and only golf or tennis shoes are allowed.

    Please DOWNLOAD THE GOLF GENIUS APP for scorekeeping ahead of time. This will help your team register faster. The course will have a code for you to put in. Also, we will have mulligans, easy eagles, and sabotages for you to purchase at registration if you’d like to really put your team ahead. Apple IOS | Android

    There will be HOSPITALITY TENTS offering drinks and snacks throughout the course. They’d really like to meet you and share their services with you. Please take the time to say hi and see if they could benefit you in the future. There will also be coolers throughout the course to help you stay hydrated. Please be responsible in your consumption of alcohol and balance it with water and snacks.

    DINNER AND AWARDS will be immediately available after play, so please stick around and get to know your fellow chamber members. The main goal for this day is for you to have fun and get to know those who support small and local businesses like yours.

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